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Ice-T: "They Say Slick Rick Is the King of Stories — I'm Coming for That Throne"

Ice-T: "They Say Slick Rick Is the King of Stories — I'm Coming for That Throne"

Published Fri, March 31, 2023 at 2:39 PM EDT

Ice-T has announced that he has a new album on the way, The Legend of ICE-T “Crime Stories” Vol 1 & 2, and he says the project will be focused on highlighting his storytelling rhymes.

The project will be a compilation of all his story rhymes from all eight of his albums and will include about six new songs that'll also be story-based.

"You know, they say Slick Rick is the king of stories — I’m coming for that throne," he told AllHipHop. "Wait till you hear this. These are all my story records from ‘6 ’N the Mornin’’ to ‘Midnight’ and all these adventures put into one album. It’s a double vinyl release, it has two vinyls and it’s gonna be like a classic collector’s piece. The reason it’s titled The Legend of ICE-T is because a lot of things people believe about me are legend.”

Ice-T, who recently launched a new iHeartPodcast, Ice-T’s Daily Game, also explained the meaning behind the album's title, and what "legend" really means.

“Legend is part false," he explained. "You know, it’s like the night I got in the squabble in the club and I knocked one dude out, where a legend says it was three dudes. A lot of this stuff that people believe about me are lyrics that aren’t necessarily true, but we’ll let the legend continue."

Ice-T's new album is expected to drop sometime this summer.

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