Watch 2 Chainz React to Priceless Hip-Hop Memorabilia From Rakim, LL COOL J and More

Watch 2 Chainz React to Priceless Hip-Hop Memorabilia From Rakim, LL COOL J and More

Published Mon, June 12, 2023 at 3:40 PM EDT

The most recent episode of Vice's Most Expensivest dropped, and it features 2 Chainz and singer/songwriter Paloma Ford being wowed by priceless memorabilia from some of Hip-Hop's biggest legends.

The episode features Master Gee of The Sugar Hill Gang alongside National Hip Hop Museum founder Jeremy Beaver, who promptly gets to business, showcasing some of the coolest artifacts which are housed in the museum. Among the items featured were the boxing glove featured in LL COOL J's seminal video, "Mama Said Knock You Out" (which is appraised for $75K-$95K), a one-of-one Jeff Hamilton handmade jacket for Suge Knight in honor of Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle, and a special Dapper Dan Gucci jacket made for Rakim, which "The God MC" wore in his iconic "Paid In Full" video.

In addition to showcasing rare Hip-Hop artifacts, The National Hip-Hop Museum recently hosted a 40th anniversary tribute to the first ever Hip-Hop motion picture, Wild Style, in NYC.

"The museum finds it extremely important that we honor Charlie Ahearn and the cast of Hip-Hop's first feature film on its 40th Anniversary," says Rock The Bells writer and NHHM historian Jay Quan. "We are extremely excited about this event!"

The NHHM also displayed a hand-drawn animation slide from the movie's intro by Zephyr and Revolt donated by Charlie Ahearn, alongside the original amphitheater flyer from 1980, a rare Italian 1984 Wild Style movie poster and vintage articles from the movie's original premiere. Wild Style director Charlie Ahearn and cast members including Grandmaster Caz & The Cold Crush Brothers, Grand Wizzard Theodore & The Fantastic 5, Patti Astor, and breakdance icon, Crazy Legs, were also inducted into NHHM's Hall of Fame.

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