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Pete Nice Responds to MC Serch: "A Legend In His Own Mind"

Pete Nice Responds to MC Serch: "A Legend In His Own Mind"

Published Tue, November 29, 2022 at 9:12 AM EST

MC Serch of 3rd Bass appeared as a guest recently on 'In My Expert Opinion' and discussed a number of things.

In addition to addressing his ownership of two percent of Nas' first two albums and his battle with substance abuse, he discussed his fractured relationship with his former partner in 3rd Bass, Pete Nice.

"For me, a toxic environment is something that I cannot be around," Serch said on the podcast. "It will take away from the core of who I am and that's not worth any amount of money in the world. I have created a business for myself that sustains me very healthily without the need to perform."

When asked how things went bad between he and Pete (who Serch refers to throughout the conversation simply as his "ex-partner"), Serch says that it was because Pete called his wife a bitch. "He called her out of her name, and he never apologized," he remembered. "I got over that. And we tried to do shows together in 2009 and 2013 and it didn't work. My wife told me that if I wanted to be MC Serch she was out, she needed me to be Michael."

In an exclusive interview with ROCK THE BELLS, Pete says that he doesn't remember calling Serch's wife out of her name, but he does attribute the break up to Serch's then-girlfriend, now wife.

"We already were undergoing creative differences," Pete recalled. "The straw that broke the camel's back was that we had a rule that we couldn't bring our girlfriends on tour. He brought her on tour and that was it – that was the real reason. He brought her to live with us on the tour. There was a rule that you couldn't do that. He messed it up for everybody."

Serch also mentioned in the podcast that Pete Nice wasn't signed to Rush Productions and Def Jam.

"I gave my demo to Dante Ross who gave the tape to Russell and Lyor Cohen," Pete said, refuting the claim. "On Nov 2, 1987, I got my first Rush management contract. I know the date because I still have the retainer receipt from my lawyer Ron Skoler, who Kool DJ Red Alert referred me to. It was for two hours of reviewing my Rush Management Contract. I may have even received my contract before Serch. We weren't even 3rd Bass until 1988 and our 3rd Bass Rush contracts were signed in the summer of 1988."

Pete pointed out a number of things that he says that Serch has been untruthful about over the years. "That podcast that he just produced, he fronted like it was approved by Doom's wife and estate but it wasn't. He lied about writing for Rakim, he also lied about slapping Greg Mack when Hammer called into KDAY, and he says that I sat there quiet the entire time. He didn't know that I have a recording where I'm the one talking the entire time, and he is trying to get Greg to go to a club to meet girls. He says that The Cactus Album gets 250 million streams per year, but when you check Spotify it has about 15 million."

That podcast that he just produced, he fronted like it was approved by Doom's wife and estate, but it wasn't.

- Pete Nice

Serch mentioned on In My Expert Opinion that the rights to The Cactus Album will revert back to him soon and that he is planning to re-release the album.

"He can't even get the rights back until I sign the paperwork," Pete says. "He has had lawyers contact me about it a few times, but the week that I get the first request, he released a diss record on me! It's something about Far Rockaway, then at the end, there's a really weak diss towards me. He's a legend in his own mind!"

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