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KRS-One Celebrates $5M in Federal Funds for Universal Hip-Hop Museum: "A New Day"

KRS-One Celebrates $5M in Federal Funds for Universal Hip-Hop Museum

Published Tue, January 31, 2023 at 10:45 AM EST

The Universal Hip-Hop Museum continues to make major moves. The Bronx-based museum that aims to celebrate Hip-Hop culture and history received a $5 million boost in federal funds. According to CBS News, the federal grant will go toward completing the construction of the museum as well as funding K-12 educational programming. It will also be used to build affordable housing in the surrounding neighborhood.

KRS-One, who has been involved with the museum since its inception, was on hand for the announcement, along with Grandmaster Flash, G. Simone, and senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer. KRS said he's worked Schumer with for years in various community and cultural efforts. Focusing on the educational impact the museum will have, KRS declared it's a "new day" and pressed the importance of voting.

"Rap is something we do. Hip hop is something we live," he said.

Bronx Borough president Vanessa Gibson was also on hand and spoke about the museum's impact on the community. "This is a down payment because we are planting the seeds for the next generation," Gibson said. "From the local jobs stimulating the economy, the intersection of education, culture, and hip hop. Making sure our young people have a level playing field, that we balance those scales of justice, so that we are training the next artists, and producers, and DJs, etc. So we know our young people are destined for success."

The museum is currently under construction and has an expected opening date of 2024 but operates a small exhibit space located at 610 Exterior St. in the Bronx.

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