KRS-One Honored With a Mural in New York's Lower East Side

KRS-One Honored With a Mural in New York's Lower East Side

Published Wed, February 1, 2023 at 4:03 PM EST

"Wow! There is no award that is above this," was KRS One's reaction to a mural honoring him on 2nd street near 1st avenue in his old L.E.S. neighborhood.

The mural was created as a dedication to Hip Hop's 50th anniversary by Italian artist Jorit. The Criminal Minded MC said the mural's location was special because he grew up in the neighborhood. Throughout the years, KRS has talked about his time living in homeless shelters in interviews and in his music, and he reflected on that period in his life while expressing his appreciation for the mural.

"KRS-One came from this neighborhood and was less than every single person here," he explained. "I was homeless. I might have slept right there."

Jorit shared that KRS is aggressive but always injected a positive message into his music.

Earlier this week, KRS-One joined Grandmaster Flash, Coke La Rock, Rocky Bucano and several other Hip-Hop legends to celebrate a $5 million dollar boost in federal funds presented to the Universal Hip-Hop Museum in the Bronx. Standing beside Senator Chuck Schumer, he advocated for monetary compensation for Hip-Hop's pioneers. "Hip Hop is not an object, it is a subject. The preservation of subjects is different from the preservation of objects. To preserve a subject, you have to preserve the people that came up with the ideas," he said.

See KRS' mural reaction above.

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