Coi Leray and Grandmaster Flash

Grandmaster Flash Praises Coi Leray: "Amazing"

Grandmaster Flash Salutes Coi Leray After "Players" Sample: "Amazing"

Published Thu, December 1, 2022 at 8:00 PM EST

Coi Leray has dropped her new single "Players" and the song prominently samples "The Message." That seminal 1982 track from Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five turned 40 this year; and Leray met up with none other than Flash himself to get his blessing on the project. Flash posted pics of their dinner together on IG and sang the praises of the young emcee.

"It was nice meetin Coi," Flash wrote in the caption. "We chopped it up about Life, Music, the Business and she comes back with great answers — the Lady knows what she wants. Had a blast with her, until next time kid ⚡️ Watch out for her @coileray"

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"The Message" is widely regarded as one of, if not the, most significant rap song of all time. And the track, which was created by Melle Mel (of the Furious Five) and Duke Bootee, has been revisited consistently over the years. Everyone from Ice Cube ("Check Yo Self" remix) to Puffy and Ma$e ("Can't Nobody Hold Me Down") and K. Michelle ("Going Under") has sampled, reworked or interpolated the iconic song.

And Flash was happy to give Coi the thumbs-up.

"When I got a call saying this girl wanted to resurrect the beat of a song from my past - I wanted to learn more," Flash said in a second post. "Then when I spoke with & met @coileray, I TOTALLY got it. Go listen to PLAYERS by Coi Leray now ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️Next time I might sport the hoodie"

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