EPMD Launches 10-Piece Memorabilia Collection With KIRPA Auction House

EPMD Launches 10-Piece Memorabilia Collection With KIRPA Auction House

Published Tue, August 9, 2022 at 3:03 PM EDT

For the first time, fans will have the ability to purchase Hip-Hop memorabilia from legends of the culture. KIRPA Auction House will offer celebrity collections from some of Hip-Hop's biggest artists including EPMD, Goodie MOB, Twista, DJ Drama and dead prez.

Throughout the year, each celebrity will have their own collection debuting at the digital auction house that brings celebrity memorabilia directly to cultural investors. The debut auction is a ten piece collection from EPMD that closes on August 25. It includes sneakers, customized jackets, art and even a limited edition EPMD rug from Erick Sermon's studio.

"People once said that Hip-Hop was a fad and it was trash music that wouldn't be around, I thought different," EPMD's Parish Smith said of the auction.

KIRPA collections are curated with culture, history and fans in mind, and the archives are brought to life via storytelling videos where fans and potential customers can see and hear the history of the collections. KIRPA says that they're on a mission to diversify the world of auctions by bringing cultural awareness and appreciation to the most coveted artifacts.

This fall, KIRPA will debut artwork by Ainsley Burrow in "The Marley Mixtape," a tribute to Bob Marley, with the funds benefiting the Bob Marley foundation. KIRPA is following in the tradition of Sotheby's and more recently Christie's auction houses featuring curated Hip-Hop collections.

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