5 Times Hip-Hop Sampled Legendary Musician Bobby Caldwell

5 Times Hip-Hop Sampled Legendary Musician Bobby Caldwell

Published Thu, March 16, 2023 at 11:16 AM EDT

Soul singer Bobby Caldwell died earlier this week(3/14) after battling health issues for many years. Caldwell, who got his start playing rhythm guitar for Little Richard before finding solo success, has been sampled hundreds of times, with Hip-Hop artists having a special affinity for the acclaimed musician.

Caldwell's hits, 1978's "What You Won't Do For Love," 1978's "My Flame," and 1980's "Open Your Eyes" are among his most popular tracks to draw from, and his work has been sampled by artists including Guru, The Luniz, Father MC, AZ, and Erykah Badu.

Check out five times that Hip-Hop sampled Bobby Caldwell.

"Blowin' Up In The World" - Kool G. Rap (1995)

"Blowin' Up In The World" is Kool G Rap's 1995 tale of a poor kid from the projects who comes up the only way that he knows how which was street hustling. The Buckwild-produced track from 4,5,6 features a boom-bap drum track with a slowed-down loop of "What You Won't Do For Love" in the background.

"Sittin' Alone" - Little Brother (2019)

From their 2019 album May The Lord Watch, "Sittin' Alone" is a mid-tempo banger produced by VA's Nottz. "Sittin' Alone" is Phonte and Big Pooh coming to terms with their grown-man status, and leaving the club life to the under-25 crowd. "After 35 the club's a different kind of torment," Phonte proclaims. The track features a clever chop of the pianos and vocals from Caldwell's "Open Your Eyes" from his 1980 sophomore album, Cat In The Hat.

"Gotta Get Mine" - MC Breed feat. 2Pac (1993)

1993's "Gotta Get Mine" is one of the late MC Breed's most celebrated songs. The song featured 2Pac, and was produced by Colin Wolfe, Warren G, and Breed. "Gotta Get Mine" appeared on Breed's sophomore album The New Breed and featured a replayed bassline from "What You Won't Do For Love" throughout the track.

"The Light" - Common (2000)

"The Light" is Common's most successful song. The Grammy-nominated J Dilla-produced track features the popular piano line and vocals from Bobby Caldwell's "Open Your Eyes." "The Light" was the second single from 2000's Like Water For Chocolate.

"Do For Love" - 2Pac (1997)

"Do For Love" is the second single from 2Pac's second posthumous album RU Still Down? and the song contains several interpolations of "What You Won't Do For Love." Eric Williams of Blackstreet sang the hook from Caldwell's original. The song is the story of Pac repeatedly returning to an unfaithful partner. He proclaims himself a "sucker for love" throughout the Soulshock & Karlin-produced song.

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