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2 Chainz Reveals Joint Album With Lil Wayne Drops In November

2 Chainz Reveals Joint Album With Lil Wayne Drops In November

Published Tue, October 10, 2023 at 4:30 PM EDT

2 Chainz has announced his new joint album with longtime friend/collaborator Lil Wayne, COLLEGROVE 2, is set to drop in November. 2 Chainz made the announcement on a closed set filming with Rock The Bells for an upcoming project.

"Me and Wayne's album drops next month," he announced. "This is a full circle moment."

Before performing the 2007 Playaz Circle classic, "Duffle Bag Boy," which prominently features Wayne on the hook, 2 Chainz explained the importance of relationships. "It was built on a relationship," he said. "Wayne at the time, was the hottest artist in the world. He could've charged me eight million, but he didn't."

COLLEGROVE 2, which has been teased since 2020, is the follow-up to 2 Chainz and Wayne's 2016 unofficial collaboration, COLLEGROVE.

“We have two videos shot, photoshoot shot, (the) album’s mixed and getting mastered, so it’ll be coming sooner than later, and I’m really excited about it,” 2 Chainz said while promoting the new season of Amazon Music Live back in September. “It’s rapping at a high level — steel sharpens steel. And he’s one of the people that I enjoy working with the most.”

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