Watch: Salute the Sample 'Give Me Some More Cowbell'

Watch: Salute the Sample 'Give Me Some More Cowbell'

Published Mon, May 23, 2022 at 9:00 PM EDT

This week, LL COOL J, Greg Nice, and Z-Trip are back with another episode of their Rock the Bell’s exclusive series, Salute the Sample, where the trio breaks down some of Hip-Hop’s most beloved samples while giving the backstory to the track itself.

In this week’s episode, “Give Me More Cowbell,”  the legends, link up to break down Z-Trip’s 2005 deep cut, “All About The Music,” featuring The Fantastic Five’s Prince Whipper Whip. 

The track samples jazz saxophonist Jimmy Castor’s 1966 song “Ham Hocks Espanol.” The original sample initially stumped LL and Greg Nice, as they did not immediately recognize Z-Trip’s cowbell-laden track. The hosts were surprised to hear the loop was crafted by the in-house DJ himself. 

“The reason I stumped you on this one is because that is one of my tracks,” DJ Z- Trip revealed. “2005, on my first album ever," he explains referencing his studio debut, Shifting Gears.

“The cowbell. What was that skit from SNL? ‘Give me some more cowbell,” D-Nice references. LL joins in on the fun with a “He tearing that mothfuckin’ cowbell up like, ‘yeehaw!” 

Bronx native, Prince Whipper Whip came to fame working with the legendary Grandmaster Caz, went on to form the Salt and Pepper MCs with Dot-A-Rock, was briefly a member of the Cold Crush Brothers, and then joined Grand Wizard Theodore & The Fantastic Five. 

Check out Rock the Bell’s latest episode of Salute the Sample above, and stay tuned for more episodes and other classic Hip-Hop news. 

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