The 45 King Flips Busta Rhymes' "Scenario" Verse

The 45 King Flips Busta Rhymes' "Scenario" Verse

Published Tue, September 6, 2022 at 4:39 PM EDT

Legendary producer, The 45 King is busy once more, this time flipping Busta Rhymes' landmark verse from the iconic posse cut "Scenario" with Tribe Called Quest and Leaders of the New School.

The producer who first shot to prominence with his late 80s breakbeat track "900 Number," has worked with everyone from MC Lyte, Queen Latifah (contributing significantly to her debut All Hail The Queen), and Jay-Z to Craig Mack and Eminem. He can be found regularly showcasing his skills behind the boards on Instagram.

Even though he's previously said he likes to be appreciated for his personality and his sense of humor, instead of just his beats, he acknowledges that "sometimes people just like you for your art" —which in his case makes sense given his long, impressive catalog. "I'm just so glad people like my art enough for me to pay the bills," he said.

Check out the Busta flip above.

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