DMC Says The Beatles Are The Only Worthy Verzuz Opponent for Run-DMC

DMC Says The Beatles Are The Only Worthy Verzuz Opponent for Run-DMC

Published Mon, December 13, 2021 at 6:23 PM EST

Hollis, Queens legend, King DMC is back with a brand new single “Ghetto Metal,” produced by platinum-selling New York City producer Big K.O. The track is a genre-bending masterpiece of funk, heavy metal, and hip-hop, reminiscent of Run-DMC’s 1980s rock-inspired hits like “Walk This Way,” and “King of Rock.” 

Rock the Bells got the chance to chop it up with King DMC and Big K.O. about the new single amongst other things, covering topics like working with Aerosmith, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and who DMC should go up against in a Verzuz. 

Run-DMC was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009 for their major contributions to music and popular culture over the span of their 30 plus year career. After fellow Queens emcee, LL COOL J was inducted into the Rock Hall earlier this year, DMC and Big K.O. share who they think should be inducted into the Cleveland music museum. 

“I’d like to see Salt N’ Pepa get in. The queens of rap,” Big K.O. said. “Salt N’ Pepa took what [Run-DMC] did and just flipped it, and they had the worldwide global hits.” 

“Roll the red carpet out for Salt N’ Pepa, enough said,” added DMC. “Salt N’ Pepa influenced culture, had massively huge hit records, influenced fashion and style. They have every category.” 

Run-DMC were some of the first hip-hop superstars. Breaking down many barriers and even more records, it is hard to find any emcee or group that compares to the Queens trio. When asked who would be a worthy opponent for Run-DMC in a Verzuz battle, DMC said The Beatles would be the only fair match for the hip-hop supergroup. 

“The Beatles,” DMC answered without hesitation on who he wants to see in the Verzuz ring. “I put my flag on the planets that I conquered. So, if Run-DMC does a Verzuz it can’t happen, cuz we’re The Beatles of hip-hop, The Beatles are the Beatles of music. It would be The Beatles.” 

Check out the interview in full and stay tuned for more interviews and other hip-hop news. 

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