RTB Rewind: January 20, 1992 Is Ice Cube's Actual 'Good Day'

RTB Rewind: January 20, 1992 Is Ice Cube's Actual 'Good Day'

Published Fri, January 20, 2023 at 12:06 PM EST

If you've ever wondered about the literal day that Cube referenced in his 1992 classic "It Was A Good Day" from his Predator album, research shows it was most likely Jan. 20, 1992. Probably.

Take a deep dive into the lyrics to uncover the clues. There was "no smog," "the Lakers beat the SuperSonics," Cube got a "beep from Kim," and he was "watching Yo! MTV Raps."

The next step is to put it all together and do a little bit of research, as Murk Avenue's Donovan Strain did a while back. What you'll find is January 20, 1992 was the only day where: 1) Yo! MTV Raps was on the air, 2) It was a clear and smogless day, 3) Beepers were commercially sold, 4) The Lakers beat the SuperSonics,and 5) Ice Cube had no events to attend.

Conclusion: January 20, 1992 was indeed Cube's perfect "good day."

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