Rock The Bells x The Dr. Lisa Company: Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Hip-Hop's Legacy

Rock The Bells x The Dr. Lisa Company: Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Hip-Hop's Legacy

Published Mon, October 30, 2023 at 3:00 PM EDT

In a world that’s defined by diverse cultures, it's essential that children see themselves reflected in the toys they play with. Recognizing the pressing need for toys that mirror the multifaceted world we live in, Dr. Lisa Williams, CEO and founder of The Dr. Lisa Company, introduced The Fresh Dolls. 

But the dolls aren’t just toys; they're a passionate response to the glaring gap in the market, ensuring every child, especially children of color, can have a doll that captures their unique beauty and culture. Each doll boasts one-of-a-kind faces, custom-blended skin tones, and natural hair textures and styles, beautifully representing children of ethnic backgrounds.

"At the Dr. Lisa Company, we are committed to creating collections that are truly authentic, engaging and representative for all multicultural children,” says Dr.  Lisa Williams, chief executive officer and founder, The Dr. Lisa Company. “We are excited to collaborate with Rock The Bells to highlight hip-hop culture, which continues to influence and inspire. Through this new collection, we will help reinforce the love of Hip-Hop among so many as well as introduce it to brand-new audiences around the world." 

Now venturing into the world of Hip-Hop, The Dr. Lisa Company has collaborated with Rock The Bells to unveil the Rock The Bells x Dr. Lisa Company Collection. The collection spotlights two dolls — Ebony, a B-Girl, and Anthony, a B-Boy. Both dolls are adorned with clothing that captures the essence of graffiti art, and with full articulation in all their joints, they genuinely embody the spirit of all four of Hip-Hop’s core elements – breaking, MCing, graffiti, and DJing. Notably, Ebony’s hair is also versatile enough to be styled and washed.

In addition to the dolls, Rock The Bells and The Dr. Lisa Company have collaborated to produce a series of four animated shorts introducing kids to the four core elements of Hip-Hop. The dolls, Ebony and Anthony, star as the lead characters in each episode, which are slated to debut on Rock The Bells platforms in November in celebration of Hip-Hop History Month. 

“Hip-Hop is timeless and transcends generations. This collaboration with The Dr. Lisa Company is all about celebrating the culture and our icons, while also educating our young fans,” says LL COOL J, Founder and CEO of Rock The Bells. “These dolls are more than just toys; we’re bringing the elements of Hip-Hop through fashion, coloring books, and animation so a new generation can learn about and take pride in their love for the culture.”

On the horizon, Rock The Bells and The Dr. Lisa Company are gearing up to introduce a range of exciting products. Eager consumers can anticipate an assortment of Hip-Hop fashions, creatively crafted coloring books, and a diverse array of other merchandise, all celebrating the vibrant fusion of multiculturalism and Hip-Hop values.

The Rock The Bells x The Dr. Lisa Company are now available at and Walmart stores and everywhere. 

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