Peloton Amplifies Hip-Hop's 50th Anniversary With Rock The Bells Collaboration

Peloton Amplifies Hip-Hop's 50th Anniversary With Rock The Bells Collaboration

Published Tue, September 12, 2023 at 1:30 PM EDT

In a celebratory move, Peloton has elevated its Hip-Hop 50 tribute by launching a collaboration with Rock The Bells.

The dynamic union between Peloton and Rock The Bells is now prominently featured across all classes within the "Hip-Hop 50 Collection." Members and enthusiasts have been treated to a uniquely curated experience that salutes the profound legacy and influence of Hip-Hop over the past half-century.

This collaboration not only spotlights the cultural significance of Hip-Hop but also underscores Peloton's dedication to offering diverse and captivating workout experiences for its community.

Hip-Hop legends Monie Love and Jadakiss celebrated the collaboration with a panel discussion that highlighted the importance of honoring Hip-Hop during its 50th anniversary. Specifically, Monie was sure to emphasize the important role that women played in its formation.

"I do always want to make it a point that -as my brother Jadakiss said- there are pinnacle women at the foundation that absolutely put things together before I could even bless a stage or a mic."

Jadakiss nodded in agreement, calling out names like MC Sha-Rock as he insisted on giving women in Hip-Hop their flowers.

"They put battery in our backs," Monie continued. "Sha-Rock, Pebblee Poo — people used to tell me when I first came to the US that I reminded them of Pebblee Poo. A lot of people may not know who Pebblee Poo is, but she's also one of the foundational women in this culture."

In addition to teaming up to celebrate the collaboration, Monie Love also recently starred in the Rock The Bells series, Monie In the Middle, where she discussed a wide range of life topics with her daughters Cali and Layna.

For more information about the Rock The Bells and Peloton collaboration, click here.

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