KRS-One performs during "It's Time For Hip Hop In NYC: The Bronx" at Orchard Beach on August 16, 2021 in Bronx, New York.

KRS-One to Kick Off 50th Anniversary Series at 1520 Sedgwick

KRS-One to Kick Off 50th Anniversary Series at 1520 Sedgwick

Published Wed, April 19, 2023 at 11:45 AM EDT

KRS-One has moved into the birthplace of Hip Hop, 1520 Sedgwick, to prepare for the 50th Anniversary.

The Hip-Hop legend and Bronx native is launching, and will lead a series of community-based programs including a masterclass in Hip Hop. He'll also launch classes, educational programs, and pop-up exhibits that will celebrate the rich history and culture of the genre. On April 25, the rapper/activist will join community leaders, tenants, and the building's owners to officially launch the celebration, which will take place on August 11, the official birth date of Hip-Hop.

“The 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop is a global movement that speaks to the grit, voice, and power of how it came to be in the first place — we used our voices when they tried to silence us," KRS said via a press release. "We used our creativity when they tried to stifle us. We created the culture because we wanted to stand out and stand up for our artistry. Hip Hop is the people’s movement. I am excited to showcase this to the world in the space where it all began at 1520 Sedgwick in the Community Center. It feels right to be here, where it all began."

He's also hosting a logo competition to celebrate Hip-Hop's 50th Anniversary, which launches on April 28.

“I’m especially excited about this global logo contest, we’re calling all creatives, designers, graffiti artists to show us their best representation of what Hip-Hop is," he said. "As Hip Hop marks this historic milestone, we look to this generation of Hip Hop creatives, designers and enthusiasts, to create the official logo of Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary.”

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