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Rapper Jadakiss of The LOX performs onstage during day 2 of 2021 ONE Musicfest at Centennial Olympic Park on October 10, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jadakiss: Signing With Suge Knight "Crossed Our Minds for About Six Minutes"

Jadakiss: Signing With Suge Knight "Crossed Our Minds for About Six Minutes"

Jadakiss stopped by The Personal Party Podcast with Smoke DZA and ShowBroadway, and talked about the time when Suge Knight called Sheek Louch because wanted to sign The Lox to Death Row. The wild call came during a pivotal time — at the height of the Death Row/Bad Boy beef and when the Lox were still hungry to show and prove.

"At the position we was at, we was thirsty," Jadakiss recalled. "We was taking meetings with everyone," he said, explaining the group had a production deal with members of Main Source, and were taking meetings with people like Chubb Rock and Dave Hall. "We was going whereveer. We were just young and hungry, so if Suge woulda came first, we would entertained it."

As it was, they eventually caught the attention of Diddy at Bad Boy Records. "We got the demo, we got it to Bop, he got it to Mary, they on the Jodeci tour, Puff and all of them," he said. "We got a meeting with Puff when they come back, everything is set up for us to go talk to Bad Boy."

But then they got a wild offer.

"One day, we in Louch's living room, Suge just calls Louch crib," Jadakiss said. "We don't know how he got the number, if he got it from Mary ... to this day we don't know how we never inquired. We in the living room watching Video Music Box, the phone rings, Louch goes and it gets like, 'Yo, it's Suge.' By then I'm thinking, they got the turmoil, so he on [Puff's] heels, and whoever he about to sign I guess he wanted to steal, or I guess he heard we was about to sign and he wanted to steal us, or wanted to offer us more money. But he like, 'Yo, I want y'all to come to L.A. tonight. Y'all get on the red eye, you can come with however many people you want, and everything will be handled.' We like, 'Alright,' and hung up."

Jadakiss pauses in momentary silence, before exploding into laughter. "Like, oh shit! What the fuck was that!? This shit is crazy! He can't be serious!"

Although he says they entertained it for a second, reality kicked in quickly. "We were like, 'Nah.' We thought about it heavily ... but we rep the Apple. We'll never be able to come back here if we do that. It crossed niggas minds for about six minutes, and then it was like, 'Nah.' We just thought about the long [game]. Like right now, where we would be? Over there with minimal New York love. Maybe nice, medium Cali love, but we'd be in the middle looking like clowns."

Of course, The Lox eventually did sign with Diddy's Bad Boy Records, which he also talks about during the entertaining interview. You can currently catch Jadakiss on the Three Headed Monster Tour with Cam'ron and Mase. Check the interview below.

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