Jadakiss Names His Top 5 Voices in Hip-Hop

Jadakiss Names His Top 5 Voices in Hip-Hop

Published Thu, September 29, 2022 at 2:37 PM EDT

Jadakiss appeared on a recent episode of Fresh Pair with hosts Katty Customs and Just Blaze where he was asked to name his favorite voices in Hip-Hop.

Impressed with the question Kiss replied, "This show is amazing because nobody ever asked me who I think has the top voices. Great question!"

One of rap music's more unique and distinctive voices himself, he pondered the question for a bit. "That's just education in music to know the difference sonically in people's voices," he explained. "Guru rest in peace, he had an ill voice. Meth. When the Wu came Meth's voice was deep and raspy. He has an ill voice."

Jada goes on to list Biggie and the qualities that make his voice dope.

"Big was nasal. He sounded like he was having a hard time breathing, but that actually made his cadence crazy," he said. "Tone Loc. Shout out Tone Loc, his voice was ill and Nas. Nas is nasal."

The "Why" MC then clarifies the listing. "That's voices! So don't get mad at me. It said voices!"

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