J. Cole Apologizes to Kendrick Lamar, Removes '7 Minute Drill' From His Album

J. Cole Apologizes to Kendrick Lamar, Removes '7 Minute Drill' From His Album

Published Mon, April 8, 2024 at 12:30 PM EDT

J. Cole has apologized to Kendrick Lamar for his recent diss track, "7 Minute Drill" and removed it from his latest album Might Delete Later. During his Dreamville Fest set Cole addressed the crown: "I'm so proud of that project [Might Delete Later], except for one part," he said.

"It's one part of that shit that makes me feel like it's the lamest shit I ever did in my fuckin' life. Y'all heard that bazooka that was dropped on the game two or three weeks ago. [My dudes] are like 'What you gonna do Cole?'" Cole continued to say that the world wanted to see blood, but he spiritually felt bad. "I tried to jab [Kendrick] back, but that shit don't sit right with my spirit. It disrupts my peace," he said before asking the crowd if they thought Kendrick was one of the best MC's ever.

It all started with the controversial "Like That" track from Future and Metro Boomin's We Don't Trust You, which features Kendrick Lamar taking shots at Drake and J.Cole. Kendrick addresses the duo's 2023 release, "First Person Shooter" with the line "Yeah get up with me , fu*k sneak dissin'/First Person Shooter, I hope they come with three switches." On "First Person Shooter" J. Cole spat: "Love when they argue the hardest MC/Is it K-Dot? Is It Aubrey? or me/ We the big three like we started a league".

Later in the song Kendrick snapped: “Think I won’t drop the location ,I still got PTSD/ Motherf–k the Big 3, n****, it’s just big me”. He then references Drake's For All The Dogs album. "For all your dogs gettin’ buried, that’s a K with all these nines, he gon’ see Pet Sematary.”

Check out Cole's statement above.

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