How a 'Cosby Kid' Helped MC Lyte Launch Her Voiceover Career

How a 'Cosby Kid' Helped MC Lyte Launch Her Voiceover Career

Published Fri, May 24, 2024 at 3:45 PM EDT

MC Lyte has been the voice for the Grammys, the BET Awards, the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors, and even commercials for Nike, McDonalds, and Coca Cola. In an exclusive interview with Rock The Bells, MC Lyte revealed that a former "Cosby Kid" helped her launch her career in voiceover.

"My first voiceover job was for a huge electronics chain store in Los Angeles, I can't remember the name, I was the voice for that, then I did AT&T and Tide and they all came behind each other in the late '90's," the 'Cram To Understand You' MC said. "I asked a really good friend of mine, Malcolm Jamal Warner for his agent, and he gave it to me which is rare. I talked with his agent who sent me to a voiceover coaching class, and from there it began to grow."

MC Lyte was a recent guest on Rock The Bells Radio's That's The Joint with Sha Rock and Grandmaster Caz, where she announced a new album, dropping in August. "The new single, 'Woman' is out right now," she says. "We have another single coming June 9th for Black Music Month, and I have some winning folks on this album." Lyte announced that the album is due on August 9th.

Check out an interview snippet above.

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