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Homeboy Sandman To Release New Single 'Real Good'

Homeboy Sandman To Release New Single 'Real Good'

Published Wed, February 7, 2024 at 2:50 PM EST

Homeboy Sandman is set to release his first music of 2024 with the single "Real Good". Dropping on February 10, the single is the first of 12 songs that will comprise his upcoming album Year Of The Dragon.

The vibrant new single initiates the Queens wordsmith to deliver new music every month for the rest of his life. The track was produced by Kensaye Russell and was written on a European tour.

Sandman has two new albums planned, which his teased on his current single The Riches.

Sandman shared the story of the writing of "Real Good", and the origin of the title. "“We arrived in Kassel, Germany when Taty realized she had left her bookbag, with her passport, in Groningen, Netherlands. The morning after Kassel we were scheduled to head to Geneva, Switzerland, where there was a chance we'd be asked for our passports upon entry (given Switzerland is not a member of the European Union). My only option was to drive back to Groningen right after the Kassel show. It took 8 hours total but it was well worth it. Wrote the first verse on the way there, and the next two on the way back. When I returned the next morning DJ Trumastr asked me how I was feeling after breaking night on my journey. I replied, 'real good.'"

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