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Hip Hop Alliance Founders Chuck D, KRS-One & Kurtis Blow Respond To Bow Wow

Hip Hop Alliance Founders Chuck D, KRS-One & Kurtis Blow Respond To Bow Wow

Published Thu, January 19, 2023 at 1:00 PM EST

Bow Wow inadvertently sparked a renewed interest in the Hip Hop Alliance (HHA) earlier this week when he tweeted about Hip-Hop needing to “unionize.” He wrote: “Hip hop needs a board! No different than the NBA w/ the players association. A committee. That can set rules and keep things in control and protect this thing we call hip hop! And have a retirement plan for the OG rappers. I hate seeing my heros liquor’d out no money just washed.” 

As illustrated in the comment section, people were surprised Bow Wow was unacquainted with the Hip Hop Alliance and attempted to educate him on the existence of the organization. Founded by three pillars of the culture—Chairman KRS-One, Executive Director Kurtis Blow and President Chuck D—HHA’s core mission is to address “the needs and concerns of the Hip Hop and R&B workforce through advocacy, information and service.” 

To further the discussion, the Hip Hop Alliance has announced a special Clubhouse event scheduled to take place on Friday (January 20) at 7 p.m. EST in addition to its Black History Month online conference on Tuesday (February 25) at 4 p.m. EST. 

Ahead of the Clubhouse conversation, KRS-One, Chuck and Kurtis Blow have released a joint statement touching on Bow Wow’s original tweet and encouraging everyone to get involved. 

“Like every other aspect of society's workforce, the artists and creators of Hip Hop need protection, support and advocacy,” the statement reads. “From label disputes to intellectual property retrieval and the need for an overall governing body, the Hip Hop Alliance was established.

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“Recent comments this weekend created a unique opportunity to bring forth a conversation that many in Hip-Hop & R&B have been addressing for a long time. The need of a governing body of Hip Hop. The goal of HHA is to empower artists to make informed decisions about their career and ensure that their rights are respected and protected.” 

The Hip Hop Alliance personally extended its invitation to Bow Wow in hopes of making him aware of the organization’s primary purpose, especially as Hip-Hop inches toward its 50th birthday. 

 “As our culture comes together to honor and celebrate the 50th year of the creation of Hip-Hop, now is the time for all of us to come together,” it continues. “In that spirit, we invite our brother Bow Wow to join us this coming Friday (January 20) at 7 p.m. EST on the Clubhouse app and/or our Black History Month online conference on Tuesday (February 25) at 4 p.m. EST on the HHA YouTube page. 

“In fact, all of the Hip Hop community is invited to these two informative conversations about the HHA, as we continue to build this organization to advocate, inform and service our brothers and sisters’ needs and concerns throughout the Hip-Hop ecosystem. We welcome all of the Hip Hop culture to roll up their sleeves and join us, as we work to uplift, honor, and protect Hip-Hop, for its past, present, and future.” 


For more information about the Hip Hop Alliance (HHA), upcoming Clubhouse conversation and the Black History Month online conference, visit the HHA website here and follow HHA on Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse, YouTube and Twitter at @thehiphopalliance. For bookings or media interviews, head here. 

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