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Easy Mo Bee Breaks Down Things You Don't Know About 'Life After Death'

Easy Mo Bee Breaks Down Things You Don't Know About 'Life After Death'

As we celebrate the 25 year anniversary of The Notorious B.IG.'s Life After Death, we've been unearthing aspects of the project that might not be common knowledge. One of the best sources of information has been courtesy of the album's producers like KayGee and Easy Mo Bee. The latter, who produced bangers on Ready to Die lie "Gimme the Loot," "Machine Gun Funk," "Warning," "Ready to Die," "The What," and "Friends of Mine."

Naturally, when it came time to do a follow up, Bad Boy made sure to get Easy Moe Bee on the horn. While he had a smaller fingerprint on Life After Death, the producer reveals some intimate details about the two songs he worked on.

What's something the general public doesn't know about the making of "Going Back to Cali?" and "I Love The Dough?"

That I wasn't there for the mixdown of it. For whatever reason, Puff moved ahead with the mixdown session. I always got called in to mix my songs so I thought it was strange when I found out that that song AND I Love The Dough were finally mixed and already on the album... ready to be released. They came out sounding ok. But I know if I could have mixed them they would've sounded even better.

So, in essence, I never got to see Biggie & JAY-Z do their vocals. I also didn't get to see Angela Winbush sing her hook over live in the studio and change her original hook, "I love you more, more than you know...." to "I love the dough, more than you know..."

I didn't get to witness any of that.

Other than that, I must've chopped "More Bounce To The Ounce" to about ten pieces or more. I chopped that record so well that other producers were asking me if I had used the original master tapes to do it. "Going Back to Cali" is singlehandedly the most creative sampling ever of Zapp's "More Bounce." Nobody has chopped that song before like I did. Facts!!!!

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