Dres of Black Sheep Announces New Album Produced Entirely by J Dilla

Dres of Black Sheep Announces New Album Produced Entirely by J Dilla

Published Mon, March 13, 2023 at 9:30 AM EDT

Dres of Black Sheep announced an upcoming collaborative project solely produced by the late J Dilla at Washington D.C.'s National Hip Hop Museum Induction Ceremony on Saturday (3/11).

Dres was inducted during the ceremony, along with Special Ed and his DJ Akshun Love, C.L. Smooth, and a posthumous induction of Tame One of The Artifacts. During his acceptance speech, the "Flavor of The Month" MC revealed that he is working on "some really, really new dope shit."

"This is gonna speak for us. Who we are, what we do, and this moment right here," he said. Dres went on to explain that he doesn't currently make music out of a need to, but rather because he loves to. "This gives me the flexibility to be dope, but I need y'all to support. This particular project is a D&D project — Dilla & Dres. Through the blessing of Ma Dukes and my man Tony, I've been allowed to visit a sacred land."

Dres explained that the project will be solely produced by Dilla and that a documentary about the project is in the works. "I put something together that is really special," he announced. "This is so special in fact that there's a film crew here filming a documentary that encompasses not only my life but the making of this project. I'm asking all of y'all to see that star when it shines, because it's gonna shine, and I'm just asking you to pay attention a little bit."

The induction ceremony also included performances by Special Ed with DJ Akshun Love and Dres. Specially invited guests Donald D of The B Boys and Rhyme Syndicate, Chi Ali, Disco Fever Emcee Sweet G, Disco Bee of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 and El Da Sensei of The Artifacts were also all on hand. The day's events also included a panel commemorating 50 Years of Hip-Hop hosted by ROCK THE BELLS radio's Grandmaster Caz and ROCK THE BELLS writer JayQuan.

Check Dres's announcement above.

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