Rapper and Death Row Records cofounder The D.O.C. appears as a special guest onstage at The Forum on April 21, 2018 in Inglewood, California.

The D.O.C. Drops First New Verse In 19 Years

The D.O.C. Drops First New Verse In 19 Years

Published Fri, June 17, 2022 at 11:00 AM EDT

It's been a busy and productive year for The D.O.C. In addition to his documentary The DOC., the Dallas native recently revealed to Rolling Stone that he has been recording new music for the first time in decades. Since a 1989 automobile accident damaged his vocal cords, The D.O.C has recorded sporadically; with a few skits on Dr. Dre's opus The Chronic and via his own solo albums: 1996's Helter Skelter, and Deuce in 2002.

But The D.O.C. is making his return to the mic on a new song with Fat Mike of punk rock band NOFX.

"He started working with a band called the Codefendants," D.O.C. said. "I did a song with those guys, and people are freaking out about it, so it must be pretty good." Fat Mike says that has is unexperienced with Hip-Hop. "I have zero knowledge of Hip-Hop. I listen to punk rock and The Beatles and Bowie," Mike revealed. "I bought one rap album in my life - 'Stan' by Eminem."

Mike and The D.O.C. met through The DOC producer Gary Ousdahi and struck up a friendship based on a similar sense of humor, eventually recording segments of the film at Fat Mike's home where they listened to new music from The Codefendenants, which includes Sam King of San Francisco Punks Get Dead and Hip-Hop artist Ceshi.

The result of their new musical friendship is "The Fast Ones" which sounds like a Rock/Trap hybrid with D.O.C. in top lyrical shape spitting: "We used to say fuck the coppers on ayahuasca/ all I want is knockers and poppers to keep it poppin'/I been livin so off balance that even drownin's a fucking challenge/violence everyday, this ain't Fantasy Island, niggas whylin.'"

Fat Mike says that recording refreshed The D.O.C., who plans to record more songs with Codefendants. The D.O.C. recently joined NOFX at a Dallas concert joining them on "Kill All The White Man." Check an excerpt from "The Fast Ones" above.

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