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DJ Premier: "Heavy D Was One of the Most Iconic and Consistent Artists"

DJ Premier: "Heavy D Was One of the Most Iconic and Consistent Artists"

Published Tue, November 29, 2022 at 6:08 PM EST

Heavy D represented a triple threat in Hip-Hop merging fashion, dance, and solid lyrics and making them translatable to mainstream audiences without losing his all-important street appeal and authenticity.

His sudden and unexpected 2011 death left Hip-Hop and the world of music both saddened and stunned. On a recent episode of DJ Premier's popular series So Wassup? the Gang Starr DJ and producer recalled working with the Overweight Lover Heavy D on his fourth studio album Blue Funk.

"One of the most iconic MCs to come out of that era from the 80s to the 90s and still stay consistent was a very good man, R.I.P. to the Overweight lover himself MC Heavy D," Preemo declared.

Premier shared that when he was shopping his demo at legendary New York radio station WBLS he ran into DJ Marley Marl and saw Heavy D exit a nearby elevator. "Heavy was in a grey zip-up with a fat dookie cable [gold chain] with matching grey sweat bottoms. He said 'Hey there brother, how you doin?' And I was like, 'He spoke to me!'"

Premier shared that he heard Marley and Heavy D discussing an upcoming studio session with Biz Markie, and the resulting song would be "We Write The Songs" from Marley's 1988 In Control compilation.

Heavy made the big man sexy in Hip Hop."

- DJ Premier

Preemo describes a later meeting with Heavy D when Hev enlisted Premier to produce two songs on Blue Funk.

"One of the songs I didn't wanna do," Premier shared. "In 1992, Gang Starr released Daily Operation and there was an interlude called '92 Interlude' on it. I never wanted to make it into a full song, it was just to make people want more. After that, he asked for '92 Interlude' to be made into a full song. I told him that it was special on [Gang Starr's] album and I didn't want to make it into a song."

After some persuading, Premier produced the song which became "Yes Yall." Premier also points out that the posse cut "A Bunch Of Niggas" which featured Gang Starr, Busta Rhymes, Jesse West, Rob-O and The Notorious B.I.G. was also featured on Blue Funk.

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