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Common: "Before I Even Start With the Physical, the Spiritual Is First"

Common: "Before I Even Start With the Physical, the Spiritual Is First"

Published Wed, November 2, 2022 at 2:36 PM EDT

As part of Words + Music, an Audible Original series that blends in-depth memoir with exclusive performances, legendary Chicago MC Common and musician and vocalist John Legend spoke about a number of things with Rolling Stone.

Concerning wellness and spirituality, Common says that the spiritual and physical are connected for him. "For me, before I even start with the physical, the spiritual is first," he explained. "My day got to begin with just me being in gratitude, just thanking God for the day. And then I read my scriptures and I try not to push religion on somebody but I believe in God; I believe in a supreme being, and you know I believe in Jesus too. I speak my truth and commune the way that I do then I do. short meditation."

John Legend shared a similar process. "I meditate too," he said. "I do short meditations and take care of my physical as well. I'll usually work out in the morning and when I'm about to go into the studio I work on my voice."

The duo collaborated on "Glory" for the film Selma which Common also acted in. They say that they bonded on the collaboration. "We wrote this song that meant a lot for our lives and connected us forever," Legend said.

Common told a personal story regarding the creation of the music. "I tell this story, and it's kind of moving me now to talk about it. John sent me the track for 'Glory' with him singing on it and playing piano. It really touched me, because I was on the way to my Father's memorial when I kind of had it. When I heard what he sang and played it took me to the place where I just wanted to write." Legend added, "We left it with no drums because I felt that it would be more striking without them. It was just more emotional and striking."

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