Check Out Billboard's List: 'The Top Ten Most Scathing Diss Songs Of All Time'

Check Out Billboard's List: 'The Top Ten Most Scathing Diss Songs Of All Time'

Published Fri, May 24, 2024 at 10:45 AM EDT

In the wake of the recent Drake and Kendrick Lamar war of words, Billboard has curated their list of the ten most scathing diss songs.

1. "Hit 'Em Up" - Tupac

Pac went scorched earth against Biggie, Puffy, Lil Kim and Lil Cease, even adding the melody from Junior Mafia's "Get Money" for the hook. This song would greatly escalate the growing tensions between east and west.

2. "Story Of Adidon" - Pusha T

The original "Family Matters" where Pusha gets extremely personal, accusing Drake of hiding a child and even attacking his parents...scathing.

3. "Supa Ugly" - Jay-Z

Jay-Z goes at Nas, with the infamous "baby seat" reference. One of the lesser talked about songs in their war of words.

4. "No Vaseline" - Ice Cube

A classic diss track that sees Cube surgically dismantle his ex-Ruthless Records fam. This is one that diss tracks are measured by.

5. "Meet The Grahams" - Kendrick Lamar

An extremely personal attack by K Dot, delivered in record time, eclipsing Drake's previous effort.

6. "Ether" - Nas

Another diss track that has become a standard by which diss records are measured. This is the song that prompted many to declare Nas victorious.

7. "Family Matters" - Drake

One of Drake's better replies from his back and forth with Kendrick, and one that upped the ante on the personal attacks.

8. "Back Down" - 50 Cent

50 attacks Ja Rule with clever bars: "Your boss is a bitch if he could he would sell his soul for cheap, trade his life to be Suge."

9. "The Bitch In Yoo" - Common

The Chi town legend comes for the west coast warlord, accusing him of being a hypocrite. "What the fuck I look like dissin' a whole coast, you ain't made shit dope since America's most." - Ouch

10. "Shether" - Remy Ma

Over Nas' classic "Ether" track, Remy systematically dismantles Nicki Minaj.

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