Hollywood Palladium MCA - 6215 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, Ca (Photo: Sunny Bak)

Check Out These Legendary Beastie Boys Photos Recreated

Legendary Beastie Boys Photos Recreated In Their Original Locations

Published Wed, December 28, 2022 at 2:42 PM EST

From their earliest recordings to releasing seven multi-platinum albums, EXIBIT offers a storied dive into the Beastie Boys’ near forty-year history: the raucous rap debut of Licensed To Ill, the sample masterpiece Paul’s Boutique, the inimitable DIY approach of Check Your Head & Ill Communication, the Grammy-winning Hello Nasty, the all-instrumental stylings ofThe Mix-Up, the love letter to New York that is To the 5 their last offering, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two –all told through a collection of personal items, artifacts and ephemera—much of which has never been seen by the public—until now.

Show curators Roger Gastman, Michael Delahaut, and Tim Conlon now present a series of iconic photographs of the group displayed in the real-life settings where they were taken.

From the Capitol Records rooftop where MCA caught a tag, to Winchels Donuts where “Sabotage: was filmed, this is a unique look back at the legendary group.


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Atwater Village Sign - 3000 Riverside Drive Los Angeles, CA (Photo: Ari Marcopolous)

The iconic photo by Ari Marcooplous really came to identify Beastie Boys and the Atwater Village area. Located nearby was G-Son studios, their home studio for most of the 1990’s.

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Hollywood Palladium MCA -6215 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA (Photo: Sunny Bak)

Taken on February 6th, 1987, the night before the bands first headlining show in Hollywood. Driving by the world famous Palladium the night before the show, MCA excitedly jumped out of the car and climbed the marquee where Sunny Bak captured this timeless moment.

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Sabotage - Winchels Donuts7158 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA (Photo: Spike Jonze)

The video, directed by Spike Jonze,  was filmed at many locations from Los Feliz, Echo Park, Silverlake, Hollywood, and Downtown Los Angeles. This Winchels location is where the infamous donut break scene was filmed.

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MCA Tag - Capitol Records Tower -1750 Vine St Hollywood, CA (Photo: Pete Smith)

This tag was done July 29th, 1989 at the Paul’s Boutique release party. Hidden away for years inside a power box on the rooftop, the tag by MCA was an urban legend for decades. The band remains a major part of the storied history of this landmark.

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Check Your Head (Cover) -6326 Franklin Ave. Hollywood, CA (Photo: Glen E. Friedman)

Glen E. Friedman and the band met up at Capitol Records on Vine St and took a series of photos in the general area where Vine St, Franklin Ave, and the 101 FWY all meet up. Under the Franklin overpass the cover photo was taken along the sidewalk curb.

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Hamburger Hamlet -9201 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA (Photo: Spike Jonze)

A photo series by Spike Jonze of the band at the iconic Hamburger Hamlet, West Hollywood.


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