Camo Lo's 'Uptown Saturday Night'

The 20 Most Underrated Hip-Hop Albums According To Our Rock The Bells Audience (PART 1)

We asked the Rock The Bells audience, "What are the most underrated Hip-Hop albums of all-time?" Here's what we got back.

Q-Tip's 'The Renaissance'

Q-Tip 'The Renaissance'

The Abstract's second studio album is full of absolute heat!

Pharoahe Monch's 'Internal Affairs'

Pharoahe Monch 'Internal Affairs'

While it was absent from streaming for years due to sampling issues on "Simon Says," Pharoahe Monch reminds us that his style is uniquely his.

Ultramagnetic MC's 'Critical Beatdown'

Ultramagnetic MC's 'Critical Beatdown'

Rhyme schemes upon rhyme schemes on this one.

Diamond D's 'Stunts, Blunts &Hip-Hop'

Diamond D 'Stunts, Blunts &Hip-Hop'

Diamond D, the 45 King, Large Pro, and Q-Tip. Enough said.

Lords of the Underground 'Here Comes the Lords'

Lords of the Underground 'Here Come the Lords'

This is another debut album that doesn't get enough credit for being a game changer.

Camo Lo's 'Uptown Saturday Night'

Camp Lo 'Uptown Saturday Night'

Camp Lo was the Rock The Bells audience most underrated album ever.

'Black on Both Sides' by Mos Def

Mos Def 'Black on Both SIdes'

While he may have left his Mos Def moniker behind, 'Black on Both Sides' is an absolute masterpiece.

Dead Prez's 'Let's Get Free'

Dead Prez 'Let's Get Free'

Dead Prez were truly ahead of their time when it came to combining underground Hip-Hop and African internationalism.

The D.O.C.'s 'No One Can Do It Better'

The D.O.C. 'No One Can Do It Better'

According to our audience, this is the second most underrated Hip-Hop album of all time.

Deltron 3030's 'Deltron 3030'

Deltron 3030 'Deletion 3030'

This album feels like it was truly made in a dystopian future.


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