From Megan to Mia: 12 Times Women Dissed a Man On Wax

From Megan to Mia: 12 Times Women Dissed a Man On Wax

What does feminism in Hip-Hop look like? The space to truly talk your shit. 

Battle rap, in particular, has its roots in honor culture. Most of the time, men fight men, and women fight women. But the honor code of a relationship can also be violated. And there are instances when female emcees used Hip-Hop as a storytelling force to cross those lines. 

Meg Thee Stallion’s "Plan B" is the latest example of a woman who decided to lace up the proverbial gloves. She’s in good company with rappers like Lauryn Hill, Salt-N-Pepa, and Roxanne Shante, who dissed their men, lovers, rivals and exes. Beef with a romantic partner may seem trite, but the significance lies in sharing their experience from their perspective. 

Here are 12 women who demanded their respect with as much ferocity as any male rapper:














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