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Treach attends Brooklyn Chophouse Grand Opening at Brooklyn Chophouse on April 25, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)

Treach On Top Five Debates: "The Most Disrespectful Question I Get..."

Treach On Top Five Debates: "The Most Disrespectful Question I Get..."

Treach isn't a fan of Top Five debates. The Naughty By Nature frontman made an appearance on Matt Hoffa's My Expert Opinion and shared that he thinks it shorts Hip-Hop to constantly reduce conversations to Top Five or Top Ten.

“I don’t think a lot of rappers get the credit they deserve ’cause it’s always like, ‘Who’s your Top 5 or Top 10?'” Treach said. “It’s the most disrespectful question I get in Hip-Hop. Who’s my best five or 10 when we going back from the ’70s to now. From Melle Mel and Grandmaster Caz to like now? LL COOL … you telling me to name five and then five up until when? Now? AndI only got five? And then you ain’t even mentioning the females!”


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Treach Reacts To Kool Moe Dee's Rapper Report Cards: "It's an Honor"

Jan 17, 2022

Earlier this year, Treach was a topic of discussion after Kool Moe Dee's Hip-Hop report card from 1999 was re-published. The New Jersey rap legend spoke about how much it meant for him to be recognized by a legend of Moe Dee's stature.

“First of all, it’s an honor,” Treach explained to HipHopDX. “Kool Moe Dee is past legendary — he’s an icon. And he’s one of, in his era, was known as one of the most fiercest battle rappers out there. Nobody wanted any problems with him until LL [COOL J] came, and then they had their back and forth battle, which was one of the greatest Hip-Hop battles of all time.”


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