Too Short and Hit Boy

Hit-Boy Reveals His Origins on Too $hort's "Don't Stop Rappin'"

Hit-Boy Reveals His Origins on Too $hort's "Don't Stop Rappin'"

Published Tue, March 7, 2023 at 11:15 AM EST

Multi-platinum producer, Hit-Boy, recently pulled up to Too $hort's "Don't Stop Rappin'" on Rock The Bells Radio channel 43. The duo touched on a range of topics that we broke down below — including highlights like how he got his start, hit records, and more.

How the fuck do you have so many hit records?

Man, I stay in the stu, man. That's just what it boil down to. They just really be questioning, nigga like, "Bro, why you always in the studio?" But I just got a real love for this shit, man. I just always feel like I got another level to reach. I'm around great artists too, so it's like I see how. You know what I mean? I'm around Nas a lot, you know what I mean? It's like, "Damn, I really do got a long way to go." He just did Madison Square Garden for the first time last week. Sold that motherfucker out, performed 20 songs I produced. I'm like... You know what I mean? That was a level up. I done seen my performed in stadiums, arenas, but 20 joints back-to-back-to-back that was different, that just let me know like, "Okay, yeah, this shit's for real."

You must have seen it coming. He's like, "Bro, my name is Hit because I'm about to make hits."

No, for sure. I mean, it was crazy. Because it used to be two of us, it was Hit-Boys at first, and whatever happened between me and dude, and he just went off on his own. And shit, I really wasn't even planning on going by Hit-Boy. I just had... we had the page Hit-Boys on MySpace, and I took the S off just on some like, "Nigga, fuck that nigga." You know what I mean? And people started addressing me like, "Oh, Hit-Boy." I'm like, "Fuck, I'm about to run with it."

What's in the sauce, bro? Where did it start?

My uncle was in a group called Troop, so I got to see the lifestyle, the whole shit. Was in love with it as a kid, little four or five years old. So I was just downloading all this DNA from this great shit that I was watching, being around somebody who was in the music but also was a fan of gangster rap, a fan of real R&B shit.

How you get in the game?

Having that opportunity to use social media, man. I end up meeting the homie Polow da Don and he just really showed me what this production shit was about, really just took me under his wing. I moved to Atlanta at 19 to fuck with him. And I had never lived in another place before, I took the leap, like I really want to do this. He got a perfect opportunity with a free studio. I could work out with professionals coming through. And that was like my college years, you know what I mean? Even though I didn't go to college, but I was just locked in.

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