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T.I. Responds To Critics And Allegations on New Song "F*ck Em"

T.I. seems to answer back to the critics and backlash with his new single “Fuck Em” featuring Lil Jon. The track comes after it was announced that the rapper and wife, Tiny, would not face criminal charges for their sexual assault allegations. Tip also seems to respond to backlash over his comments defending DaBaby’s homophobic rants earlier this year. 

On Monday (September 10), T.I. dropped his new track and music video, “Fuck Em,” featuring crunk music pioneer Lil Jon via WORLDSTARHIPHOP. The video features the emcee in his hometown of Atlanta with cameos from fellow ATL rappers from 21 Savage to Young Thug. 

Tip appears to respond to his controversial allegations in the song, rapping, “All my life, me and my wife, run this city, can’t snatch these stripes, we don’t care what they talking about, man fuck them lies. Just mad cuz the bankroll ain’t this size.” 

The emcee also seems to respond to the backlash he got from defending Charlotte rapper, DaBaby for his homophobic comments at Rolling Loud. “One thing never changed in a day, a nigga Tip never did play/ And listen, I don’t hate you if you gay/ But nigga imma say what the fuck I wanna say,”  he raps. 

He continues by addressing fan’s attempt to cancel the rapper. “Listen really all I care bout is my family and the city of Atlanta Been the shit wit dealers, dancers /Ain't no way for you to cancel/In my comments with that dumb shit/, To be honest, you can vanish/, And no back and forth no batter/ I'm not here for you to handle/ You don't like me change the channel.” 

What do you think about the return of Tip? Were you feeling this new track from the King of Trap?


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