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Slick Rick Celebrates Four Female MCs As "The Truth"

Slick Rick Celebrates Four Female MCs As "The Truth"


Slick Rick, the man celebrated as Hip Hop’s greatest storyteller tweeted on Tuesday an image of four MC’s that he considers iconic. With the caption that reads: “These ladies are the truth. Paying homage to their impeccable pen game, artistry and legacies” Rick posted an image of Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Eve and Nicki Minaj. There was also a link to an “International Women’s Day Playlist 2022” that included ten videos from the four previously mentioned as well as Queen Latifah, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Kelis , and TLC.


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Nicki Minaj responded: “If you only knew how much I love you.” Nicki also shared a childhood Slick Rick story: “The first rap I ever learned was Mona Lisa. 1 day I rapped it to my mthr & when I got to the part about ‘a virgin?’ My mthr looked at me like I lost my damn mind. I didn’t know what it meant.” Rick responded “Keep shining sis. One love Queen!”


Earlier this year Slick Rick performed with the legendary pianist Bob James, Talib Kweli and a live band at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York. Bob James could be seen sporting a Wu-Tang hoodie and Slick Rick’s signature gold chains.


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