Sha-Rock Delivers Live Hip-Hop History Lesson

Sha-Rock Delivers Live Hip-Hop History Lesson

Published Wed, March 15, 2023 at 4:22 PM EDT

Sha-Rock, widely credited as the first female MC of Hip-Hop culture, delivered a live Hip-Hop history lesson on her social media platforms on Tuesday (3/14).

The 40-minute live stream focused on the history of female MCs previous to 1979. The legendary ROCK THE BELLS radio host started the live by addressing the fact that there have been other female MCs from the time period who have claimed to predate her, or have played word games with their titles. After shouting out female MCs who have always supported her such as Sparky D, MC Lyte, Monie Love, Queen Latifah, and Roxanne Shanté, Sha-Rock declares, "All of y'all was mislead."

Sha explained that she had been abroad with her military husband in the beginning of the '90s and when she returned in 1993, she noticed that some of her fellow female MCs were falsifying timelines and narratives. "When I realized who was saying this,, I shut 'em down, or I thought I shut 'em down."

They know the truth. I have artifacts, flyers, cassette tapes and word of mouth.

- Sha-Rock

"This is Women's History Month and the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop culture I get it," she explained. "All the females that came up with me in my era before 1979 and the onset of Hip-Hop records, or rap records want their stories told and it's only right. A lot of us were on the ground and the frontlines moving this billion-dollar culture forward and in the process, some of them lied to you."

Sha-Rock named Pepsi of The Zulu Nation as an early female on the mic who did not rhyme and spit bars but instead did shoutouts and phrases to hype up the DJ.

"She wasn't a bar spitter, she didn't spit 8,16,24 bars," Sha said.

Sha-Rock also named Queen Lisa Lee as another female MC who was down with Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation (and later with Sha-Rock in US Girls). "Bam went and got Lisa Lee to rock with me, to be able to deal with me and have the atmosphere of a female as part of his group," she said. "Lisa has been my go-to and friend for the last 40 years."

Sha also named Smiley of The Mercedes Ladies as an early female MC, but she questioned her former partner in US Girls, Debbie D, as well as Pebblee Poo of The Masterdon Committee, who have labeled themselves as the first female soloists in Hip-Hop. Check Sha-Rock's history lesson above.

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