Seth Rogan Breaks Down Kendrick VS Drake in 3 Minutes

Seth Rogan Breaks Down Kendrick VS Drake in 3 Minutes

Published Thu, May 9, 2024 at 9:40 AM EDT

Actor and comedian Seth Rogan broke down the Kendrick VS Drake beef earlier this week (5/7) at Seth Rogan Smokes The Bowl. "Things are good if you're a rap fan right now," he proclaimed. "The way rappers fight with each other is to write really mean rhymes about each other," he explained to the unfamiliar.

Rogan broke the weeks long back and forth down to a simple timeline. "It started with Drake making a song about [Kendrick], saying 'You're not as successful as I am'. It started slow ,and Kendrick came back and said, 'I don't like the way you dress, man'. After that things got pretty mean, and Kendrick said 'You're a bad father and you should be registered as a sex offender'".

Rogan then accused Drake of penning "defensive rap's", as the tone of the exchange took a turn. "You don't hear defensive rapping that often, rapping is usually pretty aggressive. As soon as you're asserting in a rap song that you shouldn't be a registered sex offender, you've lost the rap battle."

The Kendrick and Drake beef has permeated every part of popular culture, with college professors giving dissertations on the conflict, and major news organizations following the beef. Roots drummer Questlove recently posted his dislike for the direction that the "battle" has taken in a recent social media post.

"Nobody won the war," he wrote. "This wasn’t about skill. This was a wrestling match level mudslinging and takedown by any means necessary, women & children & actual fact) be damned. Same audience wanting blood will soon put up ‘rip’ posts like they weren’t part of the problem. Hip Hop truly is dead.”

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