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Now Stream This! "Ooh LA LA" by Run The Jewels

NOW STREAM THIS! Is a chance for Rock The Bells to highlight a great track that may have flown below your radar. If you know the song, it's a great chance to revisit. If you don't; well now you know. But regardless, there is no better time to go stream a great track.

What we're gonna do right now is go back. Waaaay back. All the way back to...2020.

You remember it, right? The pandemic had everybody in the house. Everything was getting canceled. Feel familiar? Of course it does. And also; Run The Jewels dropped RTJ4.

Run The Jewels is one of the most consistent acts in Hip-Hop. In almost a decade, the super-duo of El-P and Killer Mike have never dropped an album that disappointed fans and critics. Since 2013s Run The Jewels, these guys have given us no shortage of inspired Hip-Hop. And on their 2019 single "OOH LA LA," the duo joined up with DJ Premier and Greg Nice for one of the most underrated singles in recent years.

So in recognition of just how flat-out dope RTJ is, why not revisit RTJ4? And if you need an anthem to get your work week started, or just something to pump up your day, you can't do much better than a banger like "Ooh LA LA." Go stream that bish...NOW.

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