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RTB Rewind: Ultramagnetic MC's Deliver 'Critical Beatdown'

RTB Rewind: Ultramagnetic MC's Deliver 'Critical Beatdown'

On Oct. 4, 1988, Hip-Hop crew Ultramagnetic MC's dropped their classic debut Critical Beatdown.

Influential, legendary producer Ced-Gee crafted the album using an E-mu SP 1200 to create beats by chopping up samples. The project's intricate sample drops became a Hip-Hop standard. The album also served as a springboard for Kool Keith's innovative lyrical style.

"I just play the part—[like] an actor," Keith explained to Rock The Bells in a previous interview. "I tell people, sometimes making music is like being an actor. You've got to play a part. One day, you're The Bodyguard; one day, you're The Professional. Me, in music, I just play different parts. And people hire me for those different parts. It extended my career. If I was just stuck in one genre, they'd think I can't be flexible."

Defined by tracks like "Ego Trippin'" and the title track "Critical Beatdown," the album is hailed as a classic.

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