RTB Rewind: The Fugees Get 'Blunted on Reality'

RTB Rewind: The Fugees Get 'Blunted on Reality'

Published Wed, February 1, 2023 at 11:54 AM EST

On Feb. 1, 1994, The Fugees dropped their debut album, Blunted on Reality, an eclectic exploration of their expansive musicality.

The album was the precursor to their massive hit project, The Score, which would arrive two years later, and dominate the charts. Their debut, however, served as a starting point for some of the ideas they'd expand upon with their follow-up — from their thoughts about freedom and pan-Africanism to their free-flowing approach to music.

"My goal [with artists] is not to produce every record, my goal is to have it where they can produce themselves, and become producers of many artists to come throughout their career, so that’s important to me," album producer Salaam Remi explained in an interview with Large Up. "They did a good job at making it eclectic. I mean I didn’t even need to go in there and produce records. They were pretty much able to do alright, and I encouraged them."

The album ultimately spawned three singles, ”Boof Baf," "Vocab," and the most popular release, "Nappy Heads" which peaked at #49 on the Billboard Hot 100.

A solid introduction to the many talents of Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, and Pras, Blunted on Reality is even more appreciated these days than it was upon its initial release.

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