RTB Rewind: Antoinette Releases 'Burnin' At 20 Below'

RTB Rewind: Antoinette Releases 'Burnin' At 20 Below'

Published Tue, May 30, 2023 at 12:30 PM EDT

In May 1990, Antoinette dropped her sophomore album Burnin At 20 Below.

Her previous album, Who's The Boss, dropped just a year before, and "I Got An Attitude," her 1987 Hurby Luvbug-produced verbal joust with MC Lyte was still being talked about in Hip-Hop. Burnin' At 20 Below was produced by the late IG Off, Jay Ellis, Kurtis Mantronik, Trevor Gale and Kenni Hairston, and Burnin'.... explores more musical styles that Antoinette's previous releases.

The lead single, "Never Get Enough," is a go-go track that finds Antoinette giving a warning to guys who try to run game. "I Wanna Be Me" is a New Jack swing Track that finds Antoinette stressing the importance of individuality with a catchy sung hook, as is "Love Or Hype," where Antoinette questions the seriousness of a love interest.

The Kurtis Mantronik-produced "The Fox That Rox The Box" is a mid-tempo banger that is more in the vein Antoinette's previous material. She takes a few shots at MC Lyte with lines like, "Here's a question I been meaning to ask/eyes on what - trash?" an obvious swipe at Lyte's Eyes On This album title from her 1989 sophomore release. Antoinette swipes at Lyte with "Save the cha cha 'cus I'm back out/the Lyte was dim but here comes the blackout."

The uptempo "Who Gives The Orders" finds the Gangstress flowing in a style similar to Rakim, who she was constantly compared following her debut. "In My House" is another New Jack Swing track which Antoinette rides well.

Burnin' At 20 Below is a solid follow up album that finds Antoinette exploring different sounds and styles than what she delivered previously.

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