Roxanne Shanté and Yo-Yo Bond Over 'Downright Delicious' Cooking on 'Have A Nice Day'

Roxanne Shanté and Yo-Yo Bond Over 'Downright Delicious' Cooking on 'Have A Nice Day'

Published Tue, June 6, 2023 at 5:45 PM EDT

Roxanne Shanté had her longtime friend, fellow rap legend Yo-Yo on her Have a Nice Day radio show, where the two discussed everything from cooking, to bonding over meals, and why you can't lend your good cooking utensils to just anybody.

Yo-Yo recently launched her cooking TV series, Downright Delicious on Aspire TV, and opened up about how cooking became so important to her.

"Cooking saved me," she told Shanté, who is also a self-professed foodie. "In my rebuilding, in my downtime, I found myself cooking a lot more... and making up my own recipes."

Downright Delicious launched June 6, and features Yo-Yo cooking some of her favorite dishes and desserts and mixing cocktails — this season’s recipes include brioche lobster rolls, salmon and broccolini lobster pasta, and coconut braised oxtails with red beans and rice. The series will also feature Hip-Hop royalty, including Roxanne Shanté as well as Mia X in the kitchen throwing down with Yo-Yo.

Shanté and Yo-Yo have been friends for years, and Shanté made sure to point out the way they've bonded over downright delicious meals.

"We went from having a can of vegetarian beans to going to some of the fanciest restaurants, that's how our relationship has always been," she said, urging listeners to watch the show, if only to check out Yo-Yo using a dope rectangle pan.

"My pots say a lot about me. There's a pan that I cook out of that I'll never get rid of," Yo-Yo said. "It matters to me."

Tune in and catch the replay of Roxanne Shanté and Yo-Yo's interview on the Sirius XM app. Catch both Yo-Yo and Roxanne Shanté live at the Rock The Bells Festival on Aug. 5 in Queens, NY.

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