It Gets Real On Roxanne Shante's New "Have A Nice Podcast"

It Gets Real On Roxanne Shante's New "Have A Nice Podcast"

Published Thu, December 16, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST

Roxanne Shante has always been real.

The girl out of Queensbridge who became one of the city's most feared battle emcees before she was old enough to drive. The rap star who took on all comers throughout her career. The radio host who gets the most out of conversations with virtually everybody. That's all Shante. And now, you need to hold on tight--because Roxanne Shante is launching her own podcast via Rock The Bells. "Have A Nice Podcast" is Shante being Shante, to the fullest.

"I wanted podcast to definitely be an extension of the show. There are so many things that we don't get a chance to cover and talk about on the show. So it would be great to have extra time and extra moments to get to things that we don't get around to on the show."

They're honing in and listening to [the show] daily. I thought it was only right to, one day a week, have a nice podcast to go along with it!"

- Roxanne Shante

"Have A Nice Podcast" is an opportunity for Shante to expand upon what she's been able to build with Sirius XM's hit show "Have A Nice Day." Roxanne Shante has become one of RTB's preeminent personalities, but there are certain other spaces where she can take authentic conversations on her own podcast. One listen to her interviews and it's clear that she knows how to get people to open up, and she's great at receiving what her guests have to give.

"I love the fact that they get the chance to be free with what they want to say," she shares. "I love that they can be comfortable with what they want to talk about."

The podcast is billed as "the official aftershow" for Have A Nice Day, and this is all Roxanne with no filters. Roxanne is the auntie we all wished we had and now that wish will be granted by downloading her brand new podcast. 

"I don't have a list of ideal guests," Shante states. "But I want the podcast to be for people who don't get a chance to tell their story. I want someone to call up and want to tell us their story. And we can have those 'oh god!' moments with them. The callers are so limited in time when we're on the air, but have so many great things to share and talk about and to make us laugh."

For Shante "Have a Nice Podcast" is an opportunity to probe deeper and push further.

"So I really wanted the podcast to cater to that person who doesn't have a huge platform. I want someone to tell their story about how fucked up their job is or what's going on with their kids and their household. We don't want sad sob stories, but we want stories where people become victorious in the end. Or we're able to help them laugh at a situation that may have seemed so horrible and so hard, but now they kind of can see a way out of it."

"Have A Nice Podcast" premieres December 16 at 7PM EST, with new episodes releasing every Friday via Stitcher.

"When people say that they listen to 'Have A Nice Day' and it actually changes their day--for some people, it changes their lives--but it definitely changes what they listen to [at] that time. Now they're honing in and stuck on listening daily. I thought it was only right to, one day a week, have a nice podcast to go along with it!"

What is it about Roxanne Shante that resonates? She has always maintained that it's all about authenticity--if you're truly trying to connect.

"I think they get to sit there and see that I'm not putting on a front," Shante says matter-of-factly. "I don't even have the fake radio voice! When they talk to me, they talk to me. When I'm having a good day, I say I'm having a good day. When I'm not having a good day, I don't give a fuck, I'm not having a good day. But I still tel everybody: together, we can make it a nice day."

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