Roxanne Shantè: 'I Could Have Been On 'The Symphony''

Roxanne Shantè: 'I Could Have Been On 'The Symphony''

Published Fri, November 17, 2023 at 4:30 PM EST

"The Symphony" is widely regarded as the template for the modern day posse cut. The ground breaking single featured Juice Crew members Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G. Rap, and Big Daddy Kane, and was a standout cut on Marley Marl's 1988 compilation album, In Control Volume 1.

On the Rock The Bells Cruise, Shantè revealed to a panel consisting of Bahamadia, MC Lyte, and Rah Digga that she could have been on the legendary track.

"I have a reason why I didn't get on it, but I could have been on 'The Symphony'," she revealed. "Let me tell you why i didn't do it. In my mind, I always wanted to be Roxanne Shantè, I didn't wanna be the girl on 'The Symphony.' Being in a male-dominated industry, I stood out as being Roxanne Shantè, and I was afraid I'd just be seen as the girl on 'The Symphony.'"

In other Roxanne Shantè news, the host of Rock The Bells radio's Have A Nice Day is being inducted into the Berklee College Hip-Hop Hall of Fame on November 28 in Boston Massachusetts. The induction will take place at the school's performance center by its Africana Studies Division. Emmett G. Price, dean of the Africana Studies Division at Berklee, spoke with Chronicle about the honor of inducting Shantè.

“Berklee is the world’s preeminent institution of contemporary music, dance, and theater; of course we are going to celebrate Hip-Hop in grand fashion with an unforgettable concert and the launch of the Berklee Hip-Hop Hall of Fame,” Price said. “What a tremendous privilege and a deep honor to have the legend herself, Roxanne Shantè, join us for this historic and monumental occasion.”

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