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'Rap Sh!t' S1E3 Recap

'Rap Sh!t' S1E3 "Something For The Hood" Recap

Alright y’all, this week’s episode brought us some closer to how all the stars will align for Shawna and Mia’s rap career, from an unlikely collaborator to an even more unlikely manager. 

Guapdad4000 opens the show giving us a tour of his “Miami Takeover” showing everything from strippers, to drugs and a twerk session at a house party, which all was apparently put together by “The Duke.” For those of you who don’t remember Duke, she was the girl loitering around the hotel lobby that Shawna didn’t get along with in the first episode. 

After a long night, Guap’s manager counted the money they made they next morning. Duke thought they were going to break her off with some cash for basically being the nightlife concierge, but they packed all the money in a duffle bag and left before she even could get her thoughts together. 

After leaving Guapdad’s penthouse, Duke headed home, which ended up being her uncle’s house, who was a low budget pimp with an air conditioner that didn’t work. Duke went back and forth with her uncle about the rent, but they both seemed to be broke. 

So, Duke headed over to the strip club to get her cut of the money they made the night before as a promoter, but wasn’t happy that her portion only came from the bottles the celebrities ordered, opposed to how much the club made that night in general. She went to the back of the strip club to cool off, and to her surprise she saw some of the girls watching a video of Mia rapping, claiming she was on her Cardi B sh!t, leveraging her craft through social media. 

Duke left the strip club and started to text Mia about how good she sounded online but before she could send it, her phone rang. Duke is apparently also a pimp, and found out some of her girls got robbed. They didn’t know any information about the guy, but one of them saw his car and Duke recognized their description of it. 

Meanwhile, Mia’s baby daddy Lamont looks to be watching their daughter at the house but after posting a “daddy duty” video on Instagram, he asked his mom to babysit her while he went to the studio. But his plans quickly changed when he went outside and his car was towed. 

Once he made it to the studio, he found out he wouldn't be getting paid for a beat he produced so  he went to the pawn shop. Lamont pawned his watch for a few hundred dollars to move and shake but to say the least, Lamont was having a horrible day. To make matters worse, his daughter FaceTimed him asking when he was coming back and his mom reminded him that she had to leave soon so he texted Mia. 

Mia met him to drop off the car seat as asked and saw that Lamont was in distress, since he was about to call an uber with a car seat in his hand. She talked to him about what was going on and offered to pay to get his car released from the tow lot. He argued that he didn’t want any handouts but Mia wanted to help me anyways.

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On the other side of town, Shawna’s coworker from the hotel, Maurice, and his friend hit up a store with a credit card that they, and Shawna, had scammed from former hotel guests. However, when they got to the cashier, she asked for an ID to go with the card. Right as it seemed to look like they weren’t going to be able to use the card, they came up with another scam of an idea that actually worked! 

They walked out of the store scot free and shortly after, Maurice went to Shawna’s house, seemingly after selling some of the stuff they bought, giving her a stack of cash. 

Later that night, Mia brought Lamont to Shawna’s house to produce a song for them and he was impressed with her set up. He produced a fire beat and they all loved it. 

Following their productive and successful night, Mia got a Facetime from Duke and they finally got to talk. Duke expressed how she felt about Mia’s rap career and proposed that she should be her and Shawna’s manager, promising that she could get their song in front of the right people. 

And just like that, it seems everything is falling into place for the Miami duo, but I can’t wait to see if the puzzle pieces all fit together or not!


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