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'Rap Sh!t' S1E2 "Something For The Girls" Recap

'Rap Sh!t' S1E2 "Something For The Girls" Recap

This episode is all about the girls, what it means to do what you want as a woman and the journey of being in a group, and let me just say, I’m here for the switch Shawna makes, and the second coming of Mia!

It all starts with Mia explaining to her friends that she’s starting a rap group with Shawna but they aren’t into the idea after remembering how stuck up Shawna was in high school. Mia defended her decision though, and tells them she’s still going to do it. 

Meanwhile, Lamont still isn’t showing up for her or her daughter again so she’s doing everything on her own and feels like her friends are leaving her out of things after finding out they didn’t invite her to a Jimmy Butler party. 

Shawna posted another rap video online and it got 80,000 views but she had the mask on from episode 1, and nobody, but her, is really feeling her look. She FaceTimed her good friend Jill who works at Spotify, to let her know about the progress she’s making, asking if she’ll repost it so she gets more views but Jill was hesitant. They got off the phone on a good note but then Jill called their other friend Bebe to vent and it seems she doesn’t plan on helping Shawna get to the next level, because she thinks she’s “all over the place.”

Back in New York, Shawna’s boyfriend, Cliff, finds out that Shawna’s in a rap group with a former stripper and OnlyFans star through his friends who started clowning him about how he’s going to be a senator while his girl is rapping about sex with a pornstar…

Later that night, Mia and Shawna met up to record some songs, and Mia was impressed with Shawna’s self made studio in her apartment. But things took a turn when Shawna started rapping a song she wrote about student loans, Rosa Parks and socialism. Mia was turned off and told her she wanted to rap about fast cars, men and money. 

Mia was over the entire night once she realized they weren’t on the same page, so the two argued and Mia walked out. Shawna called Cliff to vent about spending her money on a mic and setting up the studio and he suggested she shouldn’t work with Mia anymore considering she was basically a pornstar. But Shawna still wanted to collaborate so she reached out on Instagram again but Mia was still not in the mood and didn’t respond.

The next day Mia went to her daughter’s school for a meeting with the teacher after finding out an incident occurred, but Lamont couldn’t make it so he joined via FaceTime. The teacher let them know that Melissa told another student she would “drag them to space if they didn’t shut the hell up,” claiming the other student was too loud and she was trying to learn. Mia and Lamont were shocked and let the teacher know they’ll talk to her. 

Once they left, Mia was in her feelings about how her life was going but then Lamont made her day by sending $4,000 on Cash App, letting her know he just got paid so he was sending her what he owed. 

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Shortly after that, Mia decided to drive over to the Plymouth Hotel to talk to Mia and when she got off they grabbed a drink at the bar. Mia asked her about the producer she used to work with and Shawna explained that she was working on her album with him but he shelved her project and stopped believing in her altogether once other artists came around and she refused to change her image, confirming that they were ultimately on different pages. 

Mia described that she also felt like they weren’t seeing eye to eye on what the group’s sound should be and they got into an intense debate about rap and the male gaze. However, Mia somehow convinced Shawna to try it her way and they laid down a track about money, men and bad bitch activites, and they both loved it! Shawna even admitted she felt empowered. So, it looks like this is the beginning of Shawna finally being on the same page with someone and they’re both really excited about it! 

I’m assuming y’all haven’t watched this episode yet since you’re reading the recap, so run don’t walk, to catch up before next Thursday because the song is a bop and episode 2 felt like the beginning of a hot girl evolution for Shawna and a promising lane for Mia…

I can tell it’s about to get real in episode 3!


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