Onyx on Def Jam's Legacy: "It's Like a Brotherhood"

Onyx on Def Jam's Legacy: "It's Like a Brotherhood"

Published Mon, August 29, 2022 at 9:30 AM EDT

In a recent interview with Rock The Bells, Onyx talked about the legacy of Def Jam, and the bond they've created with other artists who call the imprint home.

"We’re still on Def Jam, LL COOL J’s on Def Jam, we came up with Jam Master Jay, so it’s kinda like a brotherhood under that Def Jam umbrella," Fredro Starr explained.

To that end, in a previous interview with Rock The Bells, the Queens group discussed a favorite topic in rap these days — the state of New York Hip-Hop. "East Coast music never left a strong place," Sticky Fingaz said. "It depends on what you're looking for. You can play the radio and let them decide what you listen to or you can play your own music, and you decide."

Always busy, the group is set to head overseas on tour, which they discussed while performing at the Rock The Bells Festival in early August. "We got a world tour, we’re about to go to Spain, we’re going to Paris, Morocco," he said. "But nothing was like rockin’ in Queens."

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