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Nappy Roots Drop New Video "Box of Chocolates"

Nappy Roots Drop New Video "Box of Chocolates"

Nappy Roots have returned with a new single and video, "Box of Chocolates." The track is produced by SMKA producer, Blake “808 Blake” German, who has regularly produced for the group. The breezy, insightful track follows the release of their single, "Random Thoughts," which dropped in September.

“Our verses in ‘Box of Chocolates’ are uplifting, fun and a celebration of life – both the ups and downs,” Fish Scales explained in a release. “Life is a ‘Box of Chocolates.’ While you never know what it’s going to give you, your mindset and attitude can often turn a negative into a positive, and that’s who Nappy Roots is at our core.”

The group, which is widely known across Atlanta for its philanthropic efforts, including mentorship programs, support of local nonprofits, and creation of community events, was honored by the city on Sept. 16 with "Nappy Roots Day." Nappy Roots dropped their major label platinum debut, Watermelon, Chicken, and Gritz in 2002, propelled by the countrified, high-energy singles, “Aw Naw” and “Po Folks.” Their most recent full-length offering, 40rty dropped in September 2020.

In 2021, they opened Atlantucky, a 6,000-foot brewery and taproom located in Atlanta not far from Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Morehouse College. Since opening, they've been heavily involved in the community, drawing Black-owned vendors and businesses to showcase their products through their venue, and hosting various philanthropic events.

“We take beer seriously,” Scales previously told Rock The Bells. “And we want people to know that Black people understand beer, and we know how to make it. We can talk beer with anybody and there’s a whole community of Black people that’s growing that wants to sit down and have beer conversations. Atlantucky will be a place for people to do that.” 

Nappy Roots upcoming full-length album is slated for early 2023. Check out "Box of Chocolates" above.

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