Nappy Roots Celebrating 1-Year Anniversary of Atlantucky Brewery With Performances and More

Nappy Roots Celebrating 1-Year Anniversary of Atlantucky Brewery

Published Tue, January 24, 2023 at 11:39 AM EST

Nappy Roots is celebrating the one-year anniversary of their popular Atlanta brewery, Atlantucky, with a day-long celebration.

Hip-Hop veterans including Pastor Troy, Fabo, and the Dungeon Family's Backbone are all set to perform at the event, which takes place at the brewery located not far from Mercedes Benz Stadium.

In addition to the live performances, the event will feature new beer releases, brewery tours, and an art show curated by the Bright Ring Foundation in celebration of Black History Month. There will also be food trucks by Pass The Plates, Grub Truck Stop, and Casa Dilla.

Fish Scales of Nappy Roots previously talked to ROCK THE BELLS about their brewing process, and why their arrival in the craft beer scene is so significant.

“This is another industry that we should be cashin’ in on just like everybody else,” he said. “Young men can grow up and be brewers— that’s a real job that you can do. You look around our neighborhoods, we’re buyin’ beer, why don’t we make it? Why don’t we buy our own beer? That’s just another thing that we need to make a little Blacker, and there’s nothing wrong with it."

The sprawling 6,000-foot brewery has become a must-stop for anyone looking to tap into Atlanta's huge craft beer scene. Last year, Nappy Roots Day was declared in Atlanta, with the group being recognized for its philanthropic efforts, including mentorship programs, support of local nonprofits, and the creation of community events regularly hosted in Atlantucky.

The anniversary event will take place on Feb. 4. Click here to grab tickets.

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