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Will the New Master P Show Answer Where He Got The No Limit Tank?

Filmmakers Deon Taylor and Roxanne Avent Taylor’s Hidden Empire Film Group are currently developing a scripted series based on the life and career of Percy “Master P” Miller. The show will begin with his childhood and explore the rise of the Louisianna emcee and his iconic No Limit Records label. 

The still unnamed series spanning 30 years of Miller’s life follows him as he pursues his professional basketball career until he blows out his knee, forcing him to find another path when he would become the prolific emcee we know whim as today. 

“My life has been a whirlwind journey, and starting at such a young age, I learned that if you want something in life, you need to chase after it. Whether it was playing pro basketball or coming up with a new path, the hustle was always there,” said Master P. “To be working with Deon Taylor, Matthew Carnahan and the rest of our team to tell my story is something I never expected in life but am truly honored and blessed by. I look forward to sharing my story and share the message that you can do anything you put your mind to with hard work, dedication and putting God first.”

“Master P is one of the most iconic names in all of hip-hop, but his legacy is even more inspiring,” said Deon Taylor. “He is someone who I and many others have looked up to not only for his music, but also for his business savviness and entrepreneurial skills. We have all learned something from him, and it is an honor to be able to tell his story in an elevated way.”

As the show explores the career of one of the most iconic emcees to come out of New Orleans,  fans can expect to get some insight into some unanswered questions. 

Who was Percy Miller before he became the renowned Master P? How was the transition from NBA hopeful to rap superstar? And where the hell is the famous No Limit Tank from the “Make em Say Ugh,” video? 

Hopefully, the Master P series will answer all of these questions and more. Are you going to check out the new series on Percy Miller? Stay up to date for more on this and other hip-hop news. 


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